Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Survey

This type of survey is based on Survey Act CAP 299 where fixed survey are done to cm accuracy!

Flight Planning

Mutation Survey

This survey incorporates the subdivision of a parcel of land into two or more parts.

Land Survey

Land Survey

Entails mutation, amalgamation, sectional properties, the grants, adjudication, wayleave surveys.

Land and Cadastral Survey

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Survey deliverables

Subdivision plan

The surveyor then prepares a Subdivision Scheme, which must be signed by the Registered Physical Planner who then gives PPA 1 Form.

Blue prints

The subdivision’s blueprints are then taken to County Lands Office for approval, after which a PPA2 Form is issued.

Official search

Title Search is done (valid for 3 months after date of issue), the PPA1 and the PPA2 forms, the land owner can Book a Meeting with Local Land Control Board.

Beacons placement

After obtaining the Land Control Board’s Consent, the surveyor places Beacons to mark the boundaries of the parcel of land.

Mutation form

Once the boundaries are marked, both the land owner and the surveyor are required to sign three copies of the Mutation Form.

Parcel numbers

The mutation forms, search, consent, PPA1 and PPA2 forms are deposited with survey office. Cartographer allocates new plot numbers to the subdivided plots.

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