Topographical surveys

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A Topographical Survey is an accurate depiction of an object, a feature or site (e.g. property, area of land or a defined boundary) which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations (coordinates, bearings, distances etc.) and is the summary of the on-site data capture processes.
The topographical survey determines the location of natural and man-made features (such as the buildings, improvements, fences, land contours, trees, streams, etc.) of the land along with its elevations. A topo map is used to depict terrain relief showing the ground elevation, using contour lines or spot heights.
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Drone LiDAR Technology

We employ latest LiDAR based drones sensors such as Benewake, Zenmuse L1 for precision surveys.

Roads LiDAR Images

Accurate and 3D LiDAR images can be utilised in the planning and designs highways etc.

Digital Surface Model

The 3D feature extraction e.g. buildings, trees, rivers etc. from accurate digital surface models (DSMs).

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Drone imagery have got many uses and applications

Powerline inspection

LiDAR technology is capable of identifying issues in power lines, assess damage & devise solutions.

Mineral exploration

LiDAR is ideal in computing volumes of material in open pit mines. It cuts time, costs & risk exposure.

Infrastructure expansion

UAVs with LiDAR scans wide areas and generate useful data for future transportation infrastructure.

Ordering process

We have designed, developed and deployed an easy to use LiDAR image ordering process using the following steps.
  • 1
    Submit AoI

    Submit the Area of Interest (AoI) in shapefile, coordinates or KML formats.

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  • 2
    Online search

    The search of images using criteria (% cloud cover, acquisition date, sensor - plane, drone etc.).

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  • 3
    Make payment

    Upon satisfaction on the search results and invoice amount, the client makes payment.

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  • 4
    Delivery done

    Once payment is received, the images are delivered via FTP download link or in CD to client.

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