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Geospatial products

Orbital Products

Orbital offers wide range of simple but accurate products employing modern geospatial technology.
Geospatial Software

We offer wide range of GIS, AutoCAD, drone, remote sensing and photogrammetry software.

Stonex R35 Total Station
Survey Equipment

The survey equipment include the GNSS, level machines, total stations, 3D scanners etc.

Satellite Images

Imagery products include: Pléiades, GeoEye, Maxar, Worldview, QuickBird, KOMPSAT etc.

Agras T30 Drone
UAS & UAV Systems

Our global partners include The DJI, AgEagle, Wingtra and Quantum Systems among others.

Mobile GIS App
GIS Mobile Apps

We design, develop, deploy, demonstrate and deliver (5Ds) GIS data collection apps

UAV and Drone Image
Drone Images

The offer 5cm drone images for major cities and towns in Kenya and across Africa.

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Orbital ranks among the best companies in Africa offering reliable geo-products which are user friendly, flexible and available at competitive price in the market.