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Stonex is the world leader in design and supply of survey & mapping equipment

Headquartered on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, Stonex is one of the world leader company on measurement and survey, with over 200 qualified distributors worldwide. Stonex is a part of Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Co., Ltd, the global provider of GNSS, positioning and timing technology for the geospatial market. Stonex offers wide range of quality services.
Stonex has witnessed rapid growth thanks to the integration of different positioning technologies and software. The wide range of solutions allows to meet the needs of many fields of application and industries, such as building and construction, land survey, GIS and cadastral survey, 3D scanning, utility, agriculture and smart farming.

CORS are equipped with the Interference Mitigation Technology

CORS is ideal solution for the realization of GNSS Network and Monitoring measurement when high precision and maximum reliability are needed.
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CORS Receivers & Antenna

Stonex offers wide range of high precision CORS receivers and antenna equipment that support modern precise positioning
SC2200 Receiver

An advanced CORS receiver with numerous professional GNSS network applications.

SC600A Receiver

A multipurpose GNSS receiver used for static applications e.g. CORS or as a base station.

SC400A Receiver

A multipurpose GNSS receiver used for static applications e.g. CORS or for monitoring.

SA3G+C Antenna

A compact high performance GNSS antenna, comparable to a choke ring antenna.

SA1800 Antenna

A unique 3D choke ring design ensures an excellent multi-path reduction.

SA1500 Antenna

A Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) material and is structurally strong and reliable.

SA1200 Antenna

A high performance 3D choke ring GNSS antenna with strong multi-path suppression.

SA1000 Antenna

Very high performance mini choke ring GNSS antenna with sub-mm phase center stability.

Features of CORS equipment

Below is a list of some of the robust features of Stonex CORS receiver and antenna

1). Numerous GNSS Applications

Ideal solution for realization of GNSS network and monitoring measurement, when high precision and maximum reliability are needed. And is equipped with an Interference Mitigation Technology.

2). Heading Funcionality

The receiver has the possibility to connect two external GNSS antennas, the first provides the GNSS position while the second gives the direction of movement; this allows the SC600A to be used in all those applications where reliability, accuracy and positioning solutions are required.

3). Maximum Connection

Has an integrated UHF radio modem that can work in 400MHz and 900MHz frequencies. The 4G GSM modem guarantees a fast connection for receiving or sending data. The user can easily connect to the receiver via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using a simple and intuitive Web UI.

4.) High Phase Center Stability

The unique 3D choke ring design of SA1800 ensures an excellent multi-path reduction performance across all GNSS frequency bands including L-Band.

5.) Rugged & Tracking everywhere

The strong ability to receive low elevation signals with high gain and wide beam width makes the CORS excellent choice for tracking visible satellites and provide stable and precision GNSS data under complex environments, such as obstructed environment of tree lines or construction.

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As a world leader in survey equipment, Stonex manufactures levels machines, GNSS, CORS, 3D scanners, total stations and theodolites.

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The GNSS CORS equipment is ideal for static and RTK surveys, staking out and civil engineering works such as roads, pipelines and power utility projects.