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At Orbital, we offer high resolution satellite images and associated products such the Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). We also do provide technical support and training as after services. Satellite images have many uses and applications in: construction, meteorology, oceanography, urban and regional planning; agriculture, utility, forestry, geology, cartography, education, intelligence as well as warfare.
The products and services from the following satellite sensors are available at Orbital: Pléiades 1 (1A, 1B); SPOT-5; SPOT 6 and 7; KOMPSAT-3; KOMPSAT-3A; KOMPSAT-2; Aster; SuperView-1; GeoEye; RapidEye and Maxar among others. Additionally, There are five types of resolution when analysing satellite imagery in remote sensing: spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric and geometric. The resolution of satellite images varies based on instrument used and satellite's orbit altitude.
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Satellite Sensors

Commercial earth observation satellite sensors provide high-resolution imagery data used in many industry applications.
Pleiades Sensor

Satellites sensor: Pléiades 1 Spatial resolution: 50cm

GeoEye Sensor

Satellite sensor: GeoEye 1 Spatial resolution: 50cm

WorldView Sensor

Satellite sensor: Worldview 4 Spatial resolution: 30cm

QuickBird Sensor

Satellite sensor: QuickBird 3 Spatial resolution: 65cm


Satellite sensor: PROBA-V Spatial resolution: 100m


Satellite sensor: KOMPSAT 1 Spatial resolution: 6m

SuperView Sensor

Satellite sensor: SuperView 1 Spatial resolution: 50cm

Satellogic Sensor

Satellite sensor: Satellogic 1 Spatial resolution: 70cm

Ordering process

We have designed, developed and deployed an easy to use satellite image ordering process using the following steps.
  • 1
    Submit AoI

    Submit the Area of Interest (AoI) in shapefile, coordinates or KML formats.

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  • 2
    Online Search

    The search of images using criteria (% cloud cover, acquisition date, sensor etc.) is done.

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  • 3
    Make payment

    Upon satisfaction on the search results and invoice amount, the client makes payment.

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  • 4

    Once payment is received, the images are delivered via FTP download link or in CD to client.

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High resolution and multi-spectral satellite image products are cost effective and ideal for all geospatial professionals.