Our Mission

To Design, Develop, Deliver and Deploy (4Ds) geospatial technologies and solutions in Africa for long lasting profitable partnerships, through creativity, innovation and synergy leveraging on customer satisfaction throughout the projects execution life cycle thus supporting decision making in all spheres of the society.

Award winning
Geospatial firm

At Orbital, we always work together as a team to achieve the best results for our esteemed customers at minimal cost without compromising the quality of the project outputs. We value TIME! and believe that by offering quality services, we attract & retain clients. We have a team of skilled Geospatial professionals dedicated to leading our company through centralized management of quality spatial data, high customer service & innovative solutions.
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We make business better by delivering reliable Geosolutions

  • 1
    Effective QA/QC processes

    Maintain and develop high quality GIS data through a robust QA/QC process while meeting and exceeding service level agreements.

  • 2
    Efficient customer service

    Deliver efficient customer service by identifying needs, implementing solutions, resolving requests and maintaining positive customer relationships.

  • 3
    Automated workflows & support

    Manage and support the integration of GIS technology with project specific needs and solutions at enterprise levels.