3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning services in Africa

3D laser scanning is essentially the swift capture of three-dimensional (3D) information reflected from an object or surface to a light sensor. Once the point cloud data is processed, traditional deliverables; 2D plans, elevations, and sections can be readily extracted, or used for fly-throughs and contextual purp-
oses. After the scans are registered, a (3D) three dimensional database is established that can be used throughout the building’s lifecycle, or to aid in reconstruction should damage occur in the future. Sharp and descriptive photographic data is fused with the point cloud and viewed as dynamic panoramas.

We employ 3D terrestrial laser scanners and drones

We employ latest and state-of-the-art equipment for the 3D laser scanning services in Kenya and Africa.

3D Laser Scanners are used for 3-D cross range data acquisition of objects to create 3D models.

Processed 3D models are used in the design of infrastructure e.g. roads, buildings, railways etc.

3D laser scanning products and deliverables

Rendered 3D models

Topo surveys data is processed in CAD software and utilized in utility designs and alignments.

BIM in Revit or IFC

These outputs can be imported into other BIM as well as CAD and GIS systems.

Animated visualizations

3D wire frame line models (in DXF/DWG) and animated visualisations (in AVI or MP4).

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