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Get high-accuracy data every time! WingtraOne.

The Wingtra (WingtraOne) is a tail-sitting vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle developed in Switzerland by Wingtra AG. Powered by two electric motors, it is designed primarily for use in precision agriculture and surveying roles, or for light payload delivery to rural areas.
WingtraOne GEN II is a mapping drone for large-scale surveys with unmatched data quality at a fraction of the time and cost. Its unique set of features empowers you to minimize your time flying and get more work done, be it another project in the field or analyzing your data at the office.

Fast and accurate drone and photogrammetry data...every time. Always!

WingtraOne is an easy-to-use mapping drone that delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster and at a lower cost than any other surveying tools.

Accomplish MORE. For LESS. All the time!

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Drone specs

A mapping drone for large-scale surveys with unmatched data quality!

1. Efficient fixed-wing flight

Fly at 16 m/s (58 kph) for up to 59 minutes per flight for large coverage.

2. No GCPs, only checkpoints

With an onboard high-precision PPK GNSS receiver you no longer need to lay out ground control points (GCPs). Use as few as three checkpoints to verify your map quality.

3. Lower drone image overlaps

High quality optics means you can reconstruct your map reliably even with lower overlaps. This means more new ground covered per flight line and maximum coverage per flight.

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Wingtra offers robust performance WingtraOne drone and camera sensors designed for various industry applications such as survey and mapping.