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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have a list of FAQs to help you discover and learn more about us; get acquainted with our products and services.

1. What does Orbital Africa deals in?

We offer geospatial products and services in the realms of GIS, remote sensing, drone technology, land and topographical surveys; and GIS training. For more details, please refer to our >>> Company Profile.

2. Where are your offices located?

Our offices are located >>> Here.

3. Do you offer GIS training courses?

YES. Kindly refer to our training courses catalogue >>> Here.

4. Do you offer attachments or internships?

YES. We offer attachments and internships in the months of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct. For more details refer >>> Here.

5. What products do you offer?

Please refer to our >>> Company Profile.

6. What services and solutions do you offer?

Please refer to our >>> Company Profile.

7. What do GPR, GNSS, GPS and GIS stand for?

GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar

GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System

GPS – Global Positioning System

GIS – Geographical Information System

8. How is land, mutation and cadastral survey done?

Kindly refer to this >>> Web Page.

9. What is the topographical survey procedure?

Kindly refer to our documentation >>> Here

10. What other countries do you serve in Africa?

We serve these countries in Africa.

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An echosounder, also known as a sonar depth finder, is a device used to measure the depth of water by […]

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GPR Scanning at NRC
Lessons learnt from the GPR underground utility scanning at NRC

Introduction  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. It is a […]

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