Pix4D is a Swiss company which started in 2011 as a spin-off of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Computer Vision Lab in Switzerland. It develops a suite of software products that use photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms to transform DSLR, fisheye, RGB, thermal and multispectral images into 3D maps and 3D modeling.

Drone Mapping &
Photogrammetry software

Pix4D software lines operate on desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms. The Pix4D suite of products include the following: Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dfields, Pix4Dcloud, Pix4Dinspect, Pix4Dscan, Pix4Dreact, Pix4Dsurvey, Pix4Dcatch, Pix4Dmatic, Pix4Dcapture, & Pix4Dengine.
Pix4D is the only drone mapping & photogrammetry software tools with a flight app, desktop, and cloud platforms.

Make better decisions with accurate 3D maps and models

A unique photogrammetry software suite for mobile and drone mapping. The Pix4D comes with online platform for ground and drone mapping, progress tracking, and site documentation. Pix4D has many industry-specific applications.
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Aerial surveying and mapping with drone images and photogrammetry. Produce the survey-grade deliverables such as the 3D maps and models from drone images.



Ground and drone mapping solutions for construction. Reduce the costs and increase the productivity with smarter construction project management.


Hybrid drone and satellite mapping for digital agriculture. You can digitize the fields to get next-level crop insights by analysing NDVI of drone images.


Drone mapping and 3D modeling for mining. De-risk the mine site and drive profitability with image-based solutions offered by Pix4D.

Flight Planning in Pix4D

Measure from images

The only drone mapping & photogrammetry software tools with a flight app, desktop, and cloud platforms

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Pix4D is a world leading photogrammetry and drone mapping software with mobile, desktop and cloud platforms.