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Thermal images

High resolution Thermal images

Thermal imaging and mapping is a drone-based survey technique, scientifically proven to identify and quantify distribution of temperature differences across a spatial phenomenon over a given time period. The technology is applied in inspection of solar panels, pipes etc.
The Sensor: DJI XT, XTR, XT2 (it requires the 640x512 configuration with any lens); Drone: DJI M200, M210, or M210 RTK, Inspire 1, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. The Thermal images are captured via the thermographic cameras using infrared (IR) light.
Thermal Mapping

We employ latest Thermal based drones sensors such as Matrice 30T for thermal surveys.

Thermal Images

Accurate thermal images can be utilised in the inspection of buildings and other structures.

Thermal Mapping of Solar Panels

Thermal imaging can be tool for evaluating solar cells and panels to identify the faults and hotspots.

Cost effective
Global coverage
Technical support

Thermal images have got many uses and applications

Building inspections

Monitoring and diagnosing the condition of the buildings hence you can identify problems early.

Transport safety

Used as passive safety systems indicating dangers in poor or bad visibility conditions (e.g. fog, rain).

Wildlife conservation

Thermal units make finding & identifying animals in the night or day a considerably easier task.

Ordering process

We have designed, developed and deployed an easy to use Thermal image ordering process using the following steps.
  • 1
    Submit AoI

    Submit the Area of Interest (AoI) in shapefile, coordinates or KML formats.

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  • 2
    Online search

    The search of images using criteria (% cloud cover, acquisition date, sensor - plane, drone etc.).

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  • 3
    Make payment

    Upon satisfaction on the search results and invoice amount, the client makes payment.

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  • 4
    Delivery done

    Once payment is received, the images are delivered via FTP download link or in CD to client.

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Accuracy and precision. Thermal imagery products are cost effective and ideal for all geospatial professionals.