Topographical surveys

Professional topo survey services in Africa

A Topographical survey is an accurate depiction of location (x,y,z) of an object, a feature or site (e.g. property, area of land or a defined boundary) which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations (coordinates, bearings, distances etc.) and is the summary of on-site data capture processes.
The topographical survey determines the location of natural and man-made features (such as the buildings, improvements, fences, land contours, trees, streams, etc.) of the land along with its elevations. A topo map is used to depict terrain relief showing the ground elevation, using contour lines or spot heights.

We employ drones, GNSS, 3D scanners... count on us to deliver!

We employ latest and state-of-the-art equipment for the topographical surveys in Kenya and Africa at large.

Topo survey deliverables include topographical maps at scales of 1:500, 1:1000 or 1:50000

Spatial feature extraction from accurate 3D digital surface models (DSMs) e.g. buildings, roads etc.

Cost effective
Global coverage

Orbital offers Land, Topographical Surveying in Kenya with branches in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, south Sudan, Rwanda, Botswana and Africa at large. We carry out land, Topographic Surveys, Bathymetric Surveying, control, engineering survey and 3D Mapping Services in Kenya using latest and state-of-the-art technologies and tools such as GNSS/RTK, 3D Scanners, Total Stations and Drones.

The aim of topo survey is to: (i) Produce Topographical and Cadastral Maps of the project area; (ii) Map Topographic Features and generate topographic (cross-sectional) profiles; (iii) To establish the vertical and horizontal controls for accurately defining locations within project area. Continue reading more on topo surveys ++

Topo survey procedure

Detailed procedure for conducting  topographical surveys can be accessed: [ here ++]

Sample topo projects

You can access [ here ++ ] the sample topo survey projects we’ve executed in the past.

Sample topo map

Here is a sample topo map for a past project: Kenya Airways Topographical Map ++

Training on topo survey

Get hands-on skills on how to use a total station or GNSS to conduct topographical surveys. Here are more details ++

Topo surveys have got many uses and applications

Power utility survey

Topo surveys data processed in the CAD software and utilized in utility designs and alignments.

Road construction

The topo survey base map depicts the road design work, construction planning and land information.

Infrastructure expansion

Topo surveys generate useful terrain data used for transportation & water infrastructure expansion.

Topo survey procedure

Like any other project, topo survey need to be conducted by adopting the following workflow
  • 1

    Ideal to gain information on nature of the sites, method of survey and equipment to use.

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  • 2
    Install Benchmarks

    The benchmarks (BMs) are precisely installed to ensure accuracy in survey readings.

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  • 3
    Field survey

    Entails picking and mapping of ground features and recording the coordinates (x, y and z).

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  • 4
    Data processing

    Done in CAD or GIS software to generate topo and contour maps, profiles and layouts/plans.

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Accuracy and precision. You can join our training institution and learn how to use Total station to conduct topo surveys.