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Stonex is the world leader in design and supply of survey & mapping equipment

Headquartered on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, Stonex is one of the world leader company on measurement and survey, with over 200 qualified distributors worldwide. Stonex is a part of Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology Co., Ltd, the global provider of GNSS, positioning and timing technology for the geospatial market. Stonex offers wide range of quality services.
Stonex has witnessed rapid growth thanks to the integration of different positioning technologies and software. The wide range of solutions allows to meet the needs of many fields of application and industries, such as building and construction, land survey, GIS and cadastral survey, 3D scanning, utility, agriculture and smart farming.

Stonex offers Android-based rugged mobile GNSS devices

Stonex mobile devices can bring unprecedented experience to all professionals looking for a steady, powerful, durable and adaptable instrument.
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Mobile GNSS Models

Stonex offers wide range of accurate mobile GNSS devices that support modern GSM, android mobile technology.
SH5A Mobile GNSS
SH5A Controller

Equipped with a comfortable ABC keyboard for fast and accurate data collection.

UT12P Mobile GNSS
UT12P Rugged Tablet

Its efficiency and performances make it suitable for working in difficult conditions.

UT32 Mobile GNSS
UT32 Rugged Tablet

It is built to be durable, reliable and to excel in numerous fields of application.

S70 Mobile GNSS
S70 GIS Receiver

Rugged GIS tablet, accurate, resistant and ideal for users who need a lightweight device.

Features of mobile GNSS

The mobile devices come with robust tools that support RTK survey, mapping and data collection.

1). Android-based Operating Systems

The mobile GNSS devices have Android  operating system on board hence flexibility and robustness in your survey and mapping needs.

2). Tough Design hence Durability

External device design with IP67 able to work in tough environments, resist in extreme weather such as rainfall, snow or high temperatures.

3). Digital Compass & high quality Camera

Ability to work in remote places without fear of losing direction with the integrated compass. As well, the cameras have > 15 MP Cameras hence high quality photos and videos.

4.) High Capacity (5200 mAh) Battery

Long battery life ensures that you work in the field continuously for more than 5 hours hence high RoI.

5.) High Quality Screen Display

The high quality 8″ display has a WUXGA resolution (1920×1200) with 500 Nits adjustable screen brightness.

Stonex Mobile GNSS Device

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As a world leader in survey equipment, Stonex manufactures levels machines, 3D scanners, total stations and mobile GNSS.

Dumpy. Automatic. Digital.

Explore available Stonex dumpy, the automatic and digital level machines for your leveling works!

Stonex GNSS Machine

Durable. Accurate.

High precision GNSS equipment that support modern positioning technology e.g. 4G, Wi-Fi.

Stonex Total Station

Measure. Angle. Distance.

TS computes distances, angles and coordinates for survey, building and civil engineering projects.

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A mobile GNSS is an handheld equipment that can used for GIS mapping and data collection (spatial & attribute data) including geo-tagged photos & videos.