GIS Beginner Courses

Orbital Africa offers a wide range of GIS and remote sensing training courses covering topics related to Geospatial technology, drones, survey, engineering and mapping. At Orbital Africa, we aim at delivering quality learning through instructor-led trainings.

List of beginner courses

We offer a wide range of both online and onsite beginner, advanced, certificate and short courses in Geospatial realm.

BC101 - Introduction to Geographical Information System

This course will introduce you to the basics of GIS, with a focus of equipping you with fundamental skills of working with spatial data. It will introduce you to the nature, types and sources of spatial data and the use of various GIS Software to manage, analyze and visualize this data… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC102 - The Fundamentals of GIS and Mapping

In this course, you will learn how to use GIS data for your own project, and how to create a well-designed map that effectively communicates your message. We will focus on the basic building blocks of GIS data… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC103 - Building and Managing Geospatial Databases

The learners will be introduced to basic database concepts since GIS incorporates much of the functionality of DBMS. This module will also expose the learners to the design and administration of spatial databases… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC104 - Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry & Drone Mapping

The learners will explore the nature of imaging the earth’s surface from space or from airborne vehicles. They will also be introduced to concepts of mapping using drones, and get an opportunity to fly a drone, and analyze the imagery!… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC105 - Mobile Mapping using GPS and GIS Smart Apps

In this course, we shall teach participants how to employ the mobile-based GIS collection tools, with a focus on Kobo, GeoODK, EpiCollect5 and ArcGIS Survey 123, to enable them collect various types of geo-tagged and attribute data accurately and quickly in the real time… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC106 - Introduction to GIS Web and Online Mapping

This GIS course introduces learners to processing and distribution  of the  Geographic information  through the Internet by the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Learners will be introduced to both the theoretical and practical issues related to the dissemination of map and geographic content on the web… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC107 - GIS 3D Mapping and GeoVisualization

In this course, the learners will be introduced to tools for creating, visualizing, and analyzing GIS data in a three-dimensional (3D) context, using ArcGIS desktop, incorporating ArcMap, ArcScene and ArcGlobe.  They will also learn about the types of data that are used to model the real world in 3D scenes, including functional surfaces and 3D feature types… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

BC108 - Satellite/Drone Image Analysis and Processing

This course will look into methods of carrying out satellite image analysis, by making use of the tools provided by the ENVI software. ENVI contains a set of image processing tools for enhancement and analysis of data from space borne or airborne platforms… Read More ++ | Course Content | Register |

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