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Drone images are products of drone mapping and aerial photogrammetry. The images need enough forward and side overlaps so that the photogrammetry software can identify common features between the images i.e. tie points that help tie the separate images together. At Orbital, we offer 10 cm spatial resolution drone images (orthomosaics) and associated products such the Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), The Digital Surface and Digital Terrain Models (DSMs and DTMs).
We also provide technical support and wide range of drone training and after sale services. Apart from drone mapping services and solutions, we offer wide range of drone imagery products (LiDAR, thermal images, point cloud data etc) and solutions at pocket friendly fee to our clients in Kenya and Africa at large. We also offer a customized training course on aerial and drone/UAV mapping and image processing. View our course catalogue at: https://catalogue.orbital.co.ke
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Digital Elevation Model

Digital elevation models & Digital terrain models are ideal in modeling urban flooding & other disasters.

An Orthomosaic

An orthomosaic obtained from several overlapping drone images can be used to design highways etc.

Digital Surface Model

The 3D feature extraction e.g. buildings, trees, rivers etc. from accurate digital surface models (DSMs).

Cost effective
Global coverage
Technical support

Drone imagery have got many uses and applications

Urban planning

Urban land use classifications; identify the types of transportation facilities & population distribution.


2cm resolution is ideal for infrastructure designs such as roads, railways, water utility networks etc.


Monitor forests e.g. illegal logging, deforestation or encroachments and the rate of afforestation too.

Ordering process

We have designed, developed and deployed an easy to use aerial image ordering process using the following steps.
  • 1
    Submit AoI

    Submit the Area of Interest (AoI) in shapefile, coordinates or KML formats.

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  • 2
    Online search

    The search of images using criteria (% cloud cover, acquisition date, sensor etc.) is done.

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  • 3
    Make payment

    Upon satisfaction on the search results and invoice amount, the client makes payment.

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  • 4
    Delivery done

    Once payment is received, the images are delivered via FTP download link or in CD to client.

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2 cm spatial resolution drone imagery products are cost effective and ideal for all geospatial professionals.