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County maps

Up to date Kenya County maps

We offer highly imaginative and innovative customized map design and production services to wide range of clients in Kenya and Africa region at large. We serve various countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and many more.
Our high quality maps can be utilized for the websites, publications, educational & for promotional purposes. We design and produce the following classes of maps: (1) Topo maps; (2) Thematic maps; (3) Soil/geological maps; (4) Tourist maps; (5) County and town maps etc.

Kenya's 47 County maps are available for purchase

Admin boundaries

The county maps indicate admin boundaries such as ward, location, constituency and sub counties.

Road network

The road network is classified as major (class A, B and C), minor (D, E and F) and access roads.

Physical features

These include the forests, landmarks, hills, rivers, protected areas, lakes among others.

Sample County maps

We have produced Kenya's 47 county maps in all sizes (A0, A1, A2...) and different formats e.g. softcopy pdf, jpg among others.

1. Nairobi County

The sample map for Nairobi County can be found here: A0 Map of Nairobi

2. Kisii County

The sample map for Kisii County can be found here: A0 Map of Kisii

3. Embu County

The sample map for Embu County can be found here: A0 Map of Embu

4. Nakuru County

The sample map for Nakuru County can be found here: A0 Map of Nakuru

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Accurate. Up to date. Cost effective. County maps are ideal in offering location information to all users.