CleverMaps is a Czech-based software used in Location Insights platform and a provider of data science services connected to Location Analytics. CleverMaps solutions provide insights to support strategic decisions about any location related questions.

Location Analytics
Software platform

CleverMaps is a map-based analytics platform transforming how the world is using data to solve location-related problems. CleverMaps empowers people and organizations to make data-driven decisions based on the insights visualized in our intuitive and interactive analytical map. The platform allows you to integrate data from multiple sources of any scale, analyze it in our integrated computation engine, visualize the results and get real-time answers. The analytical outcomes can be exported directly to a file, embedded in your application or shared by a link with your colleagues.

Location Analytics
for Retailers

If your brand is planning to flourish despite the competition pressure, shift to omni-channel and other changes on the market, location analysis will be your secret weapon on the way to success and KPI over-achievement.

Powerful Location Insights platform

CleverMaps is the world's leading and only Location Insights platform leveraging Business Intelligence logic to analyze spatial data. The logical multidimensional data model is the heart of our platform. It works on the same logic as you are used to from standard Business
Intelligence tools, but the CleverMaps one can handle spatial data of any scale. The data model establishes relations between datasets, the location context, and the composed metrics, which allow you to perform real-time location analysis.
Multidimensional data model
Metrics & indicators
Native spatial
Data Visualization
on Map
Effective data updates
No SQL skills needed

Develop comprehensive Site Selection Strategy (SSS)

Drive your multifaceted strategy by having the best business location in town. CleverMaps site selection reflects the individual strategy of every brand.
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CleverMaps focus industries in location intelligence and its applications

Look to the future before making any business decisions. Be a step ahead of your competitors, don't just analyze and report the past result, but work with the data to predict the future.
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If your brand is planning to flourish despite the competition pressure, location analysis will be your secret weapon on the way to success.


Whether you are optimizing your ATM or branch network, or new locations, it is important to be aware of the spatial context and impact of your decision.


Whether optimizing your branch network, or developing an effective targeting strategy CleverMaps will provide critical insights for your data-driven decisions.


Delivery services can utilize Location Intelligence for optimizing supply chain, reducing delays, or enhancing customer satisfaction.

CleverMaps is trusted by huge clients & sponsors worldwide

Site Evaluation

If you are transforming your customer network use the data-driven spatial analysis to make the most relevant decision.

Customer Intelligence

Analyze the information you gathered about your customers in a location context.

Customer Acquisition

Location Intelligence will help you stay close to your current customer base and detect the hidden market potential.

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Clevermaps provides location analytics accessible tools designed for both novice and experienced geospatial professionals.