Fully autonomous

150 km flight

1.2 kg payload

Fly in rain

DeltaQuad Drones

DeltaQuad drones: Most versatile VTOL UAV solution for professionals

At Vertical Technologies they specialize in the development, design and production of electric long range UAVs for mapping, inspection and surveillance. Their “Smart UAV Technology” approach is on finding solutions that matter from a technological perspective as well as from an economic perspective. They combine innovative technologies from the market and use them as building blocks for our UAV solutions.
Using this approach they have developed a product portfolio that enables you to find the best solution for your business case. All their UAV models are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The primary focus of every individual in our organization is on you, our customer. You, as an operator, interested in ease of use, high quality footage and post-processing, good education and uninterrupted flight time.

Explore the DeltaQuad Pro VTOL UAV today!

Fully autonomous, commercial grade drone; vertical takeoff and landing drone with smart technology for all professional users.
Accomplish MORE. For LESS. Always!
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DeltaQuad VTOL drones

The DeltaQuad pro VTOL UAV is available in the following models: #Map, #View, #Cargo and #Evo
DeltaQuad Map Drone
DQ #Map

- RGB, multispectral & Thermal
- Flight time of up to 110 mins
- Coverage up to 1200 ha
- Use up to 61 MP camera
- Connect live video with UAV
- UAV 4 inspection & mapping

DeltaQuad View Drone
DQ #View

- Thermal/IR & RGB sensors
- Flight time of up to 110 mins
- Autonomous Object Following
- 360° gimbal & 80x zoom
- Live HD video up to 50 Km
- UAV for surveillance purposes

DeltaQuad Cargo Drone
DQ #Cargo

- Flight time of up to 2 hours
- Full 1.2KG payload available
- Payload drop mechanism
- Customizations possible
- Live FPV video support
- UAV for transportation

DeltaQuad Evo Drone
DQ #Evo

- Enhanced endurance: 4.5 hrs
- Dual payload support
- Retractable landing gear
- PlugPlay swappable payloads
- Self maintenance kit
- Open design: customization

1.) Up to 150 km flight distance

The DeltaQuad can fly up to 150 km using the auxiliary battery option, or up to 100 km carrying a 1.2 kg payload.

2.) Fully autonomous missions

Fully autonomous missions from take-off to landing, even beyond communication range.

3.) Radio & mobile network communication

Up to 50 km radio & video range or even unlimited range using VPN secured mobile networks.

4.) 1.2 kg payload capacity

The DeltaQuad can carry payloads up to 1.2 kg which could range from samples to high resolution cameras.

5.) Fly the drone in rain and snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in rain and snow.

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DeltaQuad offers robust performance RGB, thermal, multispectral and LiDAR drones and camera sensors designed for various industry applications.