Ministry of Energy


Nairobi, Kenya


1 month

Project Description

The project scope entailed provision of a GIS training and its application in energy (power utility) services. Modules covered: – Introductions and components of GIS; GIS Applications in power utility; QGIS vs. ArcGIS; customization and localization of training data; The course content/online include: Introduction to GIS and data models; Adding and plotting data in GIS (vector and raster data); Building the geodatabases; Projections and Transformations; UTM and Cassini; Geoprocessing and spatial querying; Georeferencing and mosaicking images; Digitizing in GIS; Introduction to Geodatabase Topology; GIS Model Builder i.e., Automating geoprocesses in GIS; Cartography – Map design and production; Summary of the training, training assessment and Q&A; Project report and submission.

  • Cartography
  • QGIS
  • ArcGIS
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