Map Production

At Orbital, we design and produce both Digital (Soft copy) or web maps as well as Hard copy Maps.

Map Production

At Orbital Africa, we offer highly imaginative and innovative Customized Map design and production services to clients in Kenya and Eastern Africa region (including Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and S. Sudan) who are in need of high quality GIS maps. We produce customized maps for major cities and towns e.g. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kampala, Dar-es-Salaam, Kigali among others. We also design & produce customized Maps for Kenya Counties

We specialize in providing maps for websites, publications and for promotional purposes. The Maps we provide ranges from A0 to A4 both in hardcopy and softcopy. Our map production services employ the latest cartographic designs as well as cutting edge HP plotter technology to produce aesthetically pleasing Maps. We design and produce the following classes of maps: (1) Topographical maps; (2) Thematic maps e.g. Election maps; (3) County maps; (4) Landuse maps; (5) Tourist maps; (6) Population maps; (7) Cadastral maps; (8) Conservancies among other Maps. Also view our Maps Database

Kenya Roads

Road Network

We have produced Latest Map of roads (Class A, B and C) in Kenya and Eastern Africa region.

Map of Kenya Counties

County Maps

We map the natural resources such as minerals here in Kenya's 47 Counties and Africa at large.

Land use and Land cover Map


We produce Land-use, land cover, spatial plan maps ENVI, ERDAS, Pix4D, Agisoft software.

Rivers in Kenya Shapefile


The digital maps for basins, dams, Rivers, catchment areas are available at Orbital Africa.

Geology and Soil Map

Soil & Geology

The latest Soil and Geological Maps in Kenya and Africa have been created at Orbital Africa.

Tourist Maps

Tourist Maps

We do design and produce up-to-date Tourist Maps e.g. for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Africa.


Kenya Population Map


Demographic and thematic maps e.g. Population Maps are available at Orbital Africa.

Kenya Election Map

Election Maps

We also design and develop thematic maps using GIS e.g. the election, rainfall maps among others.



We develop the 3D topographical maps (DEMs/DTMs/DSMs) from elevations and LiDAR/drone data.


Map of Africa Countries

Map of Africa

We design and create high quality customized maps of Africa as well as its countries.

Map of East Africa

East Africa Map

The latest map of Eastern Africa region incorporating South Sudan has been created at Orbital.

Map of the World

Map of World

We have prepared the map of the World with major cities, lakes, roads & admin boundaries.


Orbital PayPal Payment

View more maps here. You can buy all available maps i.e. tourist maps, topo maps, thematic maps etc. for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda by requesting a quote for map design, production and printing (from A0 - A4) by sending us an e-mail at: or call us on: 0719-672296.