Online self-paced GIS training courses in Kenya and Africa

Online GIS Course

Orbital Geospatial College (OGC) offers variety of online GIS training courses conducted online on the OGC e-learning Platform and participants will have access to self-paced exercises, video tutorials, notes, presentations, training data and the required ArcGIS, AutoCAD, ERDAS Imagine and Pix4D software inclusive of a one month free training license. OGC is a constituent of Orbital Africa that offers variety of GIS, remote sensing and ICT courses leveraging on robust cloud software and solutions. The online course is competency based and participants are expected to complete all the modules, attempt the continous assessments tests and quizzes as well as execute exams.

The online training has a time frame of 2 to 4 weeks for completion and a certificate shall be issued to those who complete the course successfully. The registration of course participants is through our website using the following link:  All the training materials shall be provided through downloadable video tutorials files and pdf attachments. The course fee is USD 300. In a nutshell, get an introduction to the basic components of a GIS; Learn fundamental concepts that underlie the use of a GIS with hands-on experience with maps and geographical data.


Get started with GIS training

Orbital Geospatial College is accredited by NITA.

1. Online GIS course requirements

  • Must own a smartphone, laptop or PC;
  • Have access to stable internet;
  • Have basic GIS and ICT skills.
  • Fully pay training fees of USD 300.

2. Online course registration process

  • Once payment has been made, we’ll share the login details i.e. username & passord to the participant.
  • The student can access our online training platform at: 

3. Certification upon course completion

Upon successful completion of training, the course participant will be issued with OGC certified completion Certificate.

Training portfolio

We have trained over 600+ experts across Africa. Our GIS reputation is unparalled and unmatched. Talk to us now!

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