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Orbital Africa Geoportal

Orbital Geoportal is a GIS -based platform for disseminating open geospatial datasets, metadata and maps for Kenya and Africa region at large. Orbital geoportal leverages on Esri’s ArcGIS Hub which is a cloud platform. The idea behind adopting this platform is for improved utilization of geospatial data by our clients to enhance decision making. The platform can be utilized for exploring and downloading GIS data, discovering and building apps, and engaging others to solve important spatial issues. You can analyze and combine datasets using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. Let’s achieve our goals together!


Click to search for geospatial data published by other users, organizations and public sources. Download data in standard formats.


Data is available for browsing, aggregating and styling to generate maps which can be shared publicly or restricted to specific users only.

Orbital Geoportal tools and functionalities

GIS Data Search and Discovery: Orbital geoportal offers search capabilities to help our clients discover relevant geospatial data. The users can search by keywords, geographic extent, data type, or other criteria to find specific datasets or maps of interest.

Interactive Web Mapping: The interactive mapping capabilities allow the users to view geospatial data on a map interface thus enabling them to zoom in and out, pan across the map, and overlay multiple layers to visualize and analyze the spatial data.

GIS Data Catalog: The data catalog or directory lists available geospatial datasets in the geoportal. Further, it provides information about the datasets, such as the names, descriptions, metadata, and the organizations responsible for maintaining such datasets.

GIS Data Download and Dissemination: Our geoportal allow users to download geospatial datasets in various formats, such as shapefiles, kml, geodatabases, pdf, or raster files (tiff, jpeg, png etc). Orbital geoportal also provide options for sharing data with others, either publicly or through controlled access.Orbital GIS Portal

Geospatial OGC Compliant Services: The geoportal offer access to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services, such as Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Coverage Services (WCS) or Web Feature Services (WFS). These services allow users to integrate geospatial data into their own applications or perform spatial analysis using the data provided by the geoportal.

Metadata and Documentation: Geoportals often include detailed metadata and documentation for the geospatial datasets available. This information helps users understand the data’s source, quality, limitations, and usage guidelines.

User Collaboration and Community: Some geoportals incorporate features that facilitate user collaboration and community engagement. These features may include discussion forums, user ratings and reviews, data sharing among users, and the ability to create and share maps or applications.

Orbital Geoportal enables effective decision-making, spatial analysis, and information sharing across various sectors, including urban planning, environmental management, transportation, emergency response, and natural resource management. They provide a centralized platform for accessing and utilizing geospatial data, promoting collaboration and interoperability among different stakeholders in the geospatial community.

You can access here Orbital Geoportal.

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