Drone Mapping

Our main goal is provide reliable Drone Mapping technology products, services and solutions that meet our clients' needs at minimal cost.

Drone Mapping

Unamaned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) popularly known as Drones have become proven technology in the sphere of Aerial Mapping. Drone and aerial mapping services are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for many Geospatial professionals and industries. At Orbital Africa, we employ latest drone/UAV technology incorporating SenseFly hardware (drones) and Pix4D software products. Below is a simple workflow of Drone Images/Big Data processing.

Drone Flight Planning

Flight Planning

1: Entails selecting area to be mapped and can be done using the SenseFly eMotion Software.

Drone/UAV Mapping

Drone Mapping

2: Drone or UAV is launched after flight planning to fly and capture the images within AoI defined.

Drone Data Processing

Data Procesng

3: Employing Pix4D, Drone Deploy and Agisoft among other software to process drone images.


Orbital Africa is the leading drone/UAV mapping company in Kenya and Africa region at large. We employ a number of drones e.g. DJI Phantom 3, eBee SenseFly from various manufacturers across the globe. Several software available in the market for processing drone images and creating orthomosaics and Digital Surface Models (DSMs), Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) etc. include Pix4D, Agisoft among others. Drones for mapping normally fly at an altitude of 100 metres to 300 metres.


Notably, the spatial resolution of the drone images decreases considerably with increase in altitude but the drone is capable of capturing large image scenes. With the drones, one can obtain an image of up to 2cm spatial resolution!

You can also request a quote for drone mapping services by sending us an e-mail at: sales@orbital.co.ke or call us on: 0719-672296.