GeoMax EziCAT i550 Underground Handheld Cable Detector

EziCAT i500 Cable Detector

The EziCAT i550 is a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) used in construction and utility work to detect underground cables and pipes before digging. It helps prevent damage to buried services and ensures safety on-site by locating buried utilities accurately. The i550 model typically offers advanced features such as depth estimation and signal distortion alerts, making it efficient and reliable for locating buried services. It makes avoiding and locating the buried utilities an easy and efficient task. It’s simple to operate, you just need to press the trigger and start locating.

EziCAT i550 is a robust locator engineered for ease-of-use and packed full of well-known, beneficial features. Making avoiding and locating buried utilities an easy and efficient task. These locators are simple to operate, enabling users to simply press the trigger and start locating. It also comes with the unique Automatic Pinpointing feature which makes locating buried utilities easy and simple. You do not need to manually adjust the sensitivity of the locator because the locator does this for you automatically. Ensuring that you are using the optimum sensitivity for the environment you are locating in.

Technical specifications for EziCAT i550

The EziCAT i550 is a cable avoidance equipment designed for underground utility locating and construction applications. Some of its technical specifications include:

  1. Detection Modes: EziCAT i550 has three (3) detection modes employed in locating utilities i.e.: (i) Radio mode for detecting radiated signals from metallic pipes or cables. (ii) Power mode for detecting live AC signals and electric cables. (iii) Generator mode for detecting signals from a signal generator.

  2. Frequency Range: Typically operates in the frequency range of 50Hz to 60Hz for power mode and 15kHz to 60kHz for radio mode.EziCAT i550 Cable Detector

  3. Depth Detection: Provides depth estimation for buried utilities up to a certain depth range, typically around 3 meters (10 feet) or more depending on the soil conditions.
  4. Signal Strength Indication: Displays signal strength to help locate buried utilities accurately.
  5. Audio and Visual Indicators: Offers audio and visual cues to indicate the presence and location of buried utilities.
  6. Signal Distortion Alert: Alerts the user when signal distortion is detected, which could indicate the presence of multiple utilities or other interference.
  7. IP Rating: Waterproof and dustproof design with an IP rating, ensuring durability and usability in various weather conditions.
  8. Battery Life: Long battery life to support extended use on-site, typically powered by rechargeable batteries.
  9. Accessories: May come with additional accessories such as a carry bag, user manual, and optional accessories like signal generators for enhanced functionality. Read more >>> 

Applications and use of EziCAT i550

EziCAT i500 (Ei500) is a versatile tool with various applications in the construction, utility locating, and excavation industries. Some of its primary applications are:

Utility Locating: The primary purpose of Ei500 is to locate buried utilities such as electrical cables, water pipes, gas lines, and telecommunication cables before excavation or construction work. This helps prevent accidental damage to these services, ensuring safety and avoiding costly repairs.

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Construction Projects: Ei500 is widely used in construction projects to identify and map out underground utilities before any ground disturbance occurs. This information is crucial for project planning, reducing the risk of service disruptions, injuries, and project delays.

EziCAT i550 Cable DetectorExcavation and Trenching: Before digging trenches or excavating in a construction site, using Ei500 helps operators identify the presence and location of buried utilities. This prevents accidental strikes on cables and pipes, which could lead to injuries, property damage, and costly downtime.

Maintenance and Repair Work: Utility companies and maintenance crews use the Ei500 to locate and assess the condition of underground utilities during repair and maintenance activities. This ensures efficient troubleshooting and timely repairs without causing disruptions to essential services.

Landscaping and Groundworks: Landscaping projects often involve digging or ground disturbance, making it essential to locate underground utilities to avoid damage. Ei500 enables landscapers and groundworkers to work safely and efficiently without risking damage to buried services.

Infrastructure Development: During the planning and development of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and pipelines, Ei500 is used to survey and map out underground utilities in the project area. This information guides the design and construction process, minimizing conflicts and ensuring smooth project execution.

Environmental Monitoring: In environmental monitoring and remediation projects, Ei500 can help locate buried monitoring wells, drainage systems, and other underground infrastructure relevant to the project. This assists environmental engineers and scientists in assessing environmental conditions and implementing remediation measures effectively.

Cost of acquiring Ei550 Equipment

The cost of an Ei550 can vary depending on factors such as the supplier, region, and any additional accessories or features included. Generally, the price range for a new Ei550 unit is approximately $1500 to $2500 USD. However, prices may fluctuate over time due to factors such as market demand, currency exchange rates, and manufacturer promotions.

Article By: Felix Orina, MISK | @felixorina 

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