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Orbital GIS Services

Welcome to Orbital Africa! As a premier Geospatial, Geomatics and GIS services provider, Orbital Africa is the leading land surveying and GIS Mapping company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and Branches in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Ghana.

Leading Geospatial consulting companyEstablished in the year 2008, Orbital was incorporated in 2nd August 2011 and began operations thereafter. By providing outstanding client-tailored Geospatial services, we ensure customer satisfaction at all stages of project planning and execution. Orbital has undertaken several GIS, mapping and engineering design projects to a wide range of clients in Kenya and Africa at large. We pride with a proven track record in areas of capacity building and systems development.

Orbital is differentiated in the marketplace by consistency in building long-term, trust-based relationships with clients; focusing on value creation and business outcomes; fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and teaming, leveraging on our delivery networks and project management for quality, speed and cost effectiveness; attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in execution of wide of projects within and outside the boarders of Kenya.

Orbital ranks among the best in designing client tailored GIS database solutions, mapping, training and an array of professional services which provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability. We offer an array of Geospatial solutions in areas that include: land and topographical surveying services, GIS mapping; Advanced GIS web mapping; Aerial, Drone Mapping and Survey; and remote sensing services; map production services; enterprise GIS solutions; 3D mapping; project planning and management; GIS data capture and mobile mapping; spatial and land use planning, GIS training, sale and hire of Survey Equipment; advanced Geospatial consultancy and technical support services.

Why Choose Orbital – The leading Geospatial company in Africa?

Orbital is led by a diverse management team with a broad base of business and technical industry experience in Geospatial service delivery. Our management team provides strategic and operational direction to the staff members of the company thus fostering competency in service delivery and execution of big projects thus providing the best compromise between cost, speed, and reliability. Here are reasons why you should choose Orbital Africa:

  1. Timelines in Project Execution: By providing our clients with a well stipulated project timeline, this ensures that project execution time is minimized thus delivering project output on time.Geospatial and Topographical Survey in Africa
  2. Integrity and Accountability: We are honest to ourselves and clients in all that we undertake. By ensuring that we keep our word, our clients are ever satisfied with our services! As well, we uphold high level of integrity and professionalism.
  3. We Respect All our Clients: We also respect and value all our clients in all our interactions both in and out of business environment. We anchor our day-to-day undertakings on the saying that “The Customer is Always Right.” Thus, we value our clients’ opinions time to time.
  4. We Strife to Beat Deadlines: We always work together as a team to achieve best results for our esteemed customers at minimal cost without compromising the quality of the project outputs. We value TIME! and QUALITY services, thus attract and retain more clients.
  5. We’re Technologically Compliant: We employ latest technologies in all project execution stages including client after-sale training services. We ensure that our clients get up-to-date products and services. We also offer after-sale services including technical support.
  6. Competent & Experienced Team: Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals who combine academic and work expertise (With PhD and MSc. degrees in GIS and mapping), augmented with significant industry experience.
  7. 13+ Years of Experience: We have offered Geoinformation consultancy services including training and capacity development to various happy clients within Kenya and Africa at large.

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