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Land information and management system (LIMS) components

Land Information System

A Land Information and Management System (LIMS) is a web and mobile based business solution that will streamline and automate the critical processes associated with land obligations and payment. LIMS is a comprehensive and integrated system that manages and provides information related to land and its use. It combines spatial data (geographic information) with attribute […]

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The components of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Intelligent Transport System-ITS

Introduction to ITS ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) has been defined by WSP, as a combination of leading-edge information and communication technologies used in transportation and traffic management systems to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of transportation networks, to reduce traffic congestion and to enhance drivers’ experiences. ITS is an advanced application which aims to […]

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Mapping the World with a Global Change Detection AI Model

Geo AI Mapping

Mapping the world using Global Change Detection AI often involves leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite or drone imagery to monitor and detect changes in the Earth’s surface over time. This approach allows for rapid, efficient and automated analysis of large-scale geographic areas and provides valuable insights into various environmental, social, and economic phenomena. Satellite […]

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